How Can a Domestic Violence Charge Affect You?

In California, domestic violence is a serious charge and a conviction can result in a variety of severe consequences. Aside from the penalties you may face, such as steep fines, jail or prison time, and probation, you may also experience some collateral consequences throughout many areas of your life.

The Consequences of Domestic Violence

Long after you have paid your dues to society, a domestic violence conviction can impact your life in other ways, including where you live and work. If you live with the individual who accused you of domestic violence, a judge may order you not to enter your home, forcing you to find other living arrangements. Moreover, even if you find a new place to live, a landlord may refuse to rent to you due to your domestic violence conviction.

Additionally, a domestic violence conviction can lead to denial of citizenship, deportation, or reentry into the country, which is why it is essential to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case as soon as possible.

Domestic violence convictions can also affect your professional life, holding you back from obtaining promotions and important leadership roles. If you are applying for new jobs, potential employers will run a background check and, when they discover your domestic violence conviction, you may be denied many new opportunities. A conviction will be particularly damaging if you are pursuing a career that involves working with children, women, or vulnerable individuals. For example, if you are a law enforcement officer, teacher, or firefighter, you may risk losing your job.

If you own firearms or wish to purchase firearms, you may be required to surrender what you have and unable to make any purchases in the future. For those who enjoy shooting at ranges, hunting, or simply having a gun for protection, this is another unfortunate consequence of a domestic violence conviction.

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